The shades of Sasha V
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Black Perspectives #25: Sasha V (Artist & Jewelry Designer)

The Closer


I invited Sasha to share her perspective in this series because I respect the work she’s put in, and I wanted to know how a person who has worked up to her current position views things. I don’t believe in luck… Not the circumstantial variety, anyway. I think that we all kind of make our own luck to an extent – or at least we can shape it – based on the vibe we put out there. In that regard, Sasha impresses me. There’s something infectious about her demeanor toward her path, and the way her efforts and sacrifices have influenced her fortune (for better or for worse).

If you’ve looked at the other posts in this series, you may notice that this one is particularly photo-heavy compared to others. That’s because I couldn’t quite pick easy favorites out of the images I came across for Sasha (believe it or not, I’ve actually pared everything you see above down). When I select the imagery for these pieces, I try to grab things that I feel embody the individual without giving too much away or crossing a line of some sort — and ALL of these images screamed “Sasha” to me in one way or another.

Funny Story: We shot a few messages back and forth as we were setting up this interview, and somehow we got around to the fact that I’d just moved to San Diego. Haha – what I remember most about that exchange is Sasha calling San Diego “nice”, and then quickly following that up with, “San Diego is kinda’ boring, but…” LOL! Here I was in the city I had dreamed of being in for literal years, and somehow – someone who I admired had flat out called the place boring (just my luck). Selfishly, my mind immediately jumped to, “What does that say about me?” But then it came back around to smiling and wondering, even more captivatingly, just what it said about the subject I was seeking to interview…

And I think I get it a little better now than I did during that conversation.

You see, if you dive into the world that Sasha has created, and what it has meant to others, with her artistic expression in Adore Adorn (and I mean reading the site’s content, looking at the jewelry collections, watching the videos, going through the social media & getting a sense of her meaningful moments, etc.), you can more easily understand why she called San Diego boring… She’s honestly bigger than anything my city could offer. I’m new here, but I can sense that.

You sense something special about some people — and whatever that je ne sais quoi is, she has it in spades – and conveys it very well through her art AND how she carries herself while still seeking out her own self-definition each day.

I can’t wait to see what she does with “that”, and I hope you were able to sense a speck of it in today’s perspective as well.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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