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I Finally Finished My Project at Work!

I can’t believe it, but the project that REALLY went into play at work on March 1, 2022, just recently ended, so I’ll have time for play/blogging again! I know that pleases some of you, I know it’ll bother someone else – either way, I think we’ll all live.

No other update or anything special in this post beyond that. I’m going to enjoy the long weekend coming up and NOT post regularly again until 9/6 — but I wanted to let people know that:

  • I’m alive.
  • The blog wasn’t retired/stopped or anything – I’ve just been busy.
  • A lot has gone on.
  • A lot may be changing.
  • Regular posting will begin again very soon.

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and yelling my thoughts online out into the void.


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