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A Bit About This Blog

Welcome to my new home on the internet!

If you are seeing this, then you have stumbled into SoSoDOPE.com — a website that really doesn’t have a going theme besides whatever the writer is into at the moment.


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About the Lead Author

Hi, my name is Johnnie Weathersby III (semi-pictured in the header image).

I am a Kansas City, MO-raised guy currently living on the East Coast of the United States — and one day, I’ll go West (and maybe even live outside of the country, we’ll see). I tend to have an “all or nothing” approach to life and the things I pursue, which is why I’ve had a few blogs before this one.

Johnnie Weekender was my first step into that world, and it involved me going to my city’s website and pulling everything from their “Things to Do in…”-type page that every city’s site has. The goal of that site was to randomly pull 2 of those events from a hat (literally) each weekend, and then go do it and review the experience. I had a bit of fun with that one, but once it was done (in about a year’s time) – it was done.

The next site (and longest-running) was GentlemanREDUX which I did for about 5 years. The old image of what a gentleman was felt stale to me, so the purpose of that site was to “redefine the modern-day gentleman” (I was in a different headspace at that time). And as I did that, I always promised myself that once I said everything I had to say – I would kill the site. So… I did. I spoke my peace, and then I took that one down.

Now, many years later, I have “that itch” again (creators out there will know what I mean). I just want to share some good vibes and a little passion with the world – and I don’t see myself stopping this site anywhere near as soon as I ended either of its predecessors.

As the little “About the Author” section says in each post I’ve done on this site, I am a…

“Lover of blogs, Chipotle, Anime, movies, music, passionate people & Optimism. I plan to shake up the world through one (seemingly) small contribution at a time.”

(Johnnie in a nutshell)

That’s kind of it about me. I am a simple introverted dude who can sometimes do a good job posing as an extrovert.

I enjoy laughing wholeheartedly and from the soul. I am attracted to smart & motivated people. I prefer to keep my inner-circle small. Deep conversations over small talk any day. I am a sucker for Hipster Chicks and “Good” Girls, but I know I’m neither cool nor innocent enough for either. And, ultimately, I just want my life to be an adventure. Thank YOU for joining me on this one.

The world can astound you every day if you’re willing to open your eyes and your heart to really see its splendor.


What Type of Content Will You See Here?

This is a generalist blog by design. The site doesn’t cover EVERYTHING, but there’s a lot of wiggle room in what can be covered here, and that’s intentional. And, yes – while the goal is to keep the content posted here thoughtful and primarily positive, you may come across things that may seem a little… “aggressive” (to some) or Debbie Downer at times. Things like “tough” critiques, protest participation, politics, discussions about triggering topics, cursing language.

Why is that? “That’s not DOPE!”

Well, I’d respond to that sentiment by saying, “It depends on who you ask.” Personally, I enjoy the idea of expression (when channeled without hurting anyone) – even about harsh things, because I feel like it helps us all grow and be better humans.

The voice of this site, while not entirely Liberal, definitely isn’t Conservative. And I value honesty (a lot)! I really respect people who are willing to “fight the power” and spread awareness about serious issues. Lastly – cursing is poetry!! Sometimes a good curse word is the best, and simplest, way to express how you feel — and some people are f*cking artists at it! But, I promise to try to keep the foul language to a minimum.

X-rated stuff won’t really ever come up here, and bullying won’t be tolerated from me, a writer, or any of the site’s visitors.

As I said, this site is about whatever is “dope” to the writer (and any other guest or future staff writers) at the moment. All of the images on the site come from Shutterstock unless otherwise noted, and I’ll always seek to give credit where it’s proper & due.

In the future, this content will span out into other formats (e.g. video, books, etc.) and – mark my word – this is just the first site of many.

I hope we have fun together.


If you have any thoughts on ANYTHING – the comment sections of the posts are always a good spot to start. Or, feel free to reach out to me directly via email at jw3@sosodope.com, and I’ll try to follow-up with you ASAP.


That’s it! Thank you again for visiting and wanting to hear a little about the blog.

As things grow, I’ll eventually add a “Start Here” section to the navigation – but for now, just explore. SoSoDOPE touches on a lot of topics, so look around!

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