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A Bit About This Blog (Sep 2022)

Welcome! If you’re seeing this, it means that you’ve stumbled into SoSoDOPE.com — a site that promotes living a fulfilling lifestyle based on your own individual terms. Read on to learn about the philosophy that guides this passion project.

If you are inspired by what you see or just want to say hi – please email me (Johnnie Weathersby III) at jw3@sosodope.com.

Getting this out of the way: I’m open to doing sponsored posts, reviews, and promotions – but only if there’s a fit. So, please read below before you approach me about anything.


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The Site’s Guiding Philosophy

The overall guiding thought behind this site is simple: “Don’t overcomplicate it.”

Whatever your personal “it” may be…

After working through this site’s “focus” two other times before (and really just over-engineering it to the point that I wasn’t 100% sure what I was writing about) 😅, I finally figured it out! After an extended period away from blogging in 2022 to hyper-focus on a project for my day job, I realized that I genuinely most enjoy writing about work/life balance as I interpret it. That is kind of where I’m at right now in life, you know? Just seeking balance within the moment, and trying not to complicate things too much, while enjoying the journey.

I went ahead and modeled the navigation of the site around this, too – and I’m not looking back!

  • WORK: What do you do to survive? How do you feed yourself? Do you love it? Do you wonder if others do? Are you passionate about things outside of work that you’d love to make a living off of? This portion of the site thinks about those things and more offering tips, perspective, and hopefully a little inspiration along the way (among other things). If you’re a normal person, you spend about 1/2 of your waking hours working most days of the week, so it really is important to me that you get this right to live a life worth living.
  • LIFE: Everybody has a struggle. Everybody has a story. Everybody has a human experience. I use this section to offer glimpses into my mind on the things that drive me in mine while pondering what makes aspects of it all tick. You’ll also see me drop things in here about health, having a few adventures from time to time, and anything else that I think just adds a little spice to existence.
  • BALANCE: This is the “everything else” of the site. You may see me talk about current events here, or talk about a new product I like or recently purchased. Geeky things get discussed here. Music, Art, and so on. This area focuses on the things that don’t neatly fit into the packaging of the other main categorical features of this side of the interwebs.

What Type of Content Will You See Here?

This is a generalist blog by design. The site doesn’t cover EVERYTHING, but there’s intentionally a lot of wiggle room in what can be covered here. I feel like it leaves room for evolution. Anyway, the goal is to keep the content posted here thoughtful and positive, but you might come across things that seem a little… “aggressive” (to some) or Debbie Downer at times — that variety is required. Why? Well, because…

I’ll leave you to contemplate that Arab Proverb for yourself.

The goal here is to promote intentions and actions toward a fulfilling life that’s not just “dope” and not just “so dope”, but “SO SO DOPE” (hence the name) for you and those you impact/influence. That’s it.

If you’ve made it this far, YOU ARE AMAZING!!

If you have any thoughts on ANYTHING – the comment sections of the posts are always a good spot to start. Or, again, feel free to reach out to me, the site’s creator, directly via email at jw3@sosodope.com, and I’ll follow up with you ASAP.

That’s it! Thank you for visiting and wanting to find out a bit more about this blog.

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