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A Bit About This Blog

Welcome! If you’re seeing this, then you’ve stumbled into SoSoDOPE.coma site focused on key elements of living a fulfilling lifestyle based on your own individual terms. Read on to learn about the philosophy that guides this passion project.

If you are inspired by what you see, wish to contact the creator, or want to collaborate – please contact jw3@sosodope.com.


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What does Happiness Mean to You?

The first major pillar of this site involves exploring things that bring personal happiness to the site’s creator and many others. While the subjects chosen aren’t all-encompassing, the things you see in this section are ESSENTIAL for the happiness of most people:

  • Our RELATIONSHIPS – whether you’re talking about family, friends, lovers, professional acquaintances, school mates (whoever) – help define us. They can be sources of pure joy or hold us back.
  • Your HEALTH & FITNESS greatly impacts your quality of life. Take care of our mind and body.
  • WORK/WHAT YOU DO and how you navigate those environments matter more to people some admit. For the average person, you’re talking about 1/3 of your waking day! Contentment here matters.
  • Special interests like POP CULTURE & NERDINESS fill a special spot in our lives. Whatever you’re interested in, do more of that (and share that interest you have with the world)!
  • Lastly, who doesn’t love COOL STUFF? Sure, there’s a balance to be struck in life, and you probably shouldn’t be too overly material (or anything else) — but “shiny and new” things can sometimes add light to our lives.

Guiding Graces: The 8 P’s That Drive SoSoDope

The next pillar involves the core tenets that push us in Life and give us a true sense of self.

After giving it some thought, this is where the site’s creator landed in terms of what motivates him and what he attempts to weave throughout the work of SoSoDope. They all just happen to start with the letter “P” (that makes the list a little easier to remember):

  • PASSION: It is vital to define what you do and DON’T care about in Life. What moves you?
  • PRINCIPLES: “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” (Hamilton) What do you stand for?
  • POWER: Realize that you control more in Life than you think you do. Who runs your life?
  • PERSPECTIVE: Understanding others can be just as important as understanding yourself. Empathy.
  • PEACE: We all want (mostly) the same things at the end of the day. What brings you peace?
  • PATIENCE: Good things are worth the time. Stay encouraged. If you won’t support yourself, who will?
  • PERSEVERENCE: Showing a little grit may get you far. Everything doesn’t come easy. Put in the work!
  • PURPOSE: Know your why. And if you don’t know it — scratch and claw to find it out.

This site stands by ALL of the things listed.

No one is any more important than the other. You need an internal sense of each to live your dopest life.

Broadening Horizons is a Requirement…

If you aren’t learning and exploring, you aren’t growing. This site was founded during the COVID-19 Pandemic, so that limited a bit of the venturing that was even feasible at the time – but as the world comes out of that fog, it’s time to bring this one to the forefront.

ADVENTURE (as you define it for yourself), ARTISTRY (whether our own, or others’), COMMUNITY (however we come across it), and TRAVEL & FOOD (getting lost will help you find yourself) help complete us as people.

That said, it only made sense for those things to land within the third pillar of SoSoDope.

Lastly, the Musings of the Lead Author…

Finally, what’s a blog without perspective & personal opinions? That’s where the musings (really couldn’t think of what else to call them) of the Creator and Lead Author, Johnnie Weathersby III (semi-pictured in the header image), come in.

Johnnie is a Kansas City, MO-raised Black guy who spent nearly a decade on the East Coast of the United States and currently resides on the West Coast. He tends to have an “all or nothing” approach to life and the things he pursues, but the little “About the Author” section on each post of his on this site sums him up nicely…

“Lover of blogs, Chipotle, Anime, movies, music, passionate people & Optimism. I plan to shake up the world through one (seemingly) small contribution at a time.”

(Johnnie in a nutshell)

Besides enjoying laughing wholeheartedly from the soul and being attracted to smart & motivated people, there isn’t much else to know. What you see is what you get & he’s a simple guy. In his own words, “I prefer to keep my inner-circle small. Deep conversations over small talk any day. I am a sucker for Hipster Chicks and “Good” Girls, but I know I’m neither cool nor innocent enough for either. And, ultimately, I just want my life to be an adventure.”

He believes the world can astound you every day if you’re willing to open your eyes and your heart to really see its splendor. So, that leads to SOCIAL COMMENTARY and thoughts about CURRENT EVENTS. There’s a YOUTUBE CHANNEL where he riffs often, and the POTPOURRI section is a mixed bag for whatever little tidbits don’t land squarely in any of the other places on this site.

What Type of Content Will You See Here?

This is a generalist blog by design. The site doesn’t cover EVERYTHING, but there’s a lot of wiggle room in what can be covered here, and that’s intentional. The goal is to keep the content posted here thoughtful and primarily positive, but you may come across things that may seem a little… “aggressive” (to some) or Debbie Downer at times – but that’s because that’s Life (in all its beauty)!

The goal here is to push conversations toward a fulfilling life that’s not just “dope” and not just “so dope”, but “SO SO DOPE” (hence the name).

Expression (when channeled without hurting anyone) – even about harsh things – helps us all grow and be better humans. The voice of this site hopes to capture the spirit of that sentiment.

  • X-rated stuff won’t really ever come up here, and bullying won’t be tolerated from this site’s content or any of the site’s visitors.
  • All of the images on the site come from Shutterstock unless otherwise noted, and I’ll always seek to give credit where it’s proper and due.
  • This site’s content will span out into other formats (e.g. video, books, etc.).

The goal here is to hopefully have fun together more so than be at each other’s throats.

If you’ve made it this far, YOU ARE AMAZING!!

If you have any thoughts on ANYTHING – the comment sections of the posts are always a good spot to start. Or, again, feel free to reach out to the site’s creator directly via email at jw3@sosodope.com, and he’ll follow up with you ASAP.

That’s it! Thank you for visiting and wanting to find out a bit more about this blog.

Eventually, a “Start Here” section will be added to the navigation – but for now, just explore. SoSoDOPE touches on a lot of topics, so look around!

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